I'm a big believer in developer communities, and I'm glad to contribute back by talking about a number of topics. If you run a conference or meetup, and you want me to repeat any of my previous talks, get in touch.

When Venue Topic
2014, January 28th  Bonn-to-code.netGit in Windows 2.0
2013, January 21st  Bonn AgileTDD with Spock
2012, October 27stInsidrrr DayGit for Insidrrrs
2012, May 21stBonn AgileIntroduction to Git
2012, April 24thBonn-to-code.netGit on Windows
2012, March 19thBonn AgileCode Quality with Sonar
2011, September 8th
JavaZone 2011 Git and Subversion in Parallel
2011, JulyBonn AgileGrowing OO Software with Tests
2011, June 9th
GearConf Git and Subversion in Parallel
2011, April 14th RuhrJUG Git and Subversion in Parallel
2011, February 21st Bonn Agile eXtreme Programming, the basics
2010, November 8th  JUG Cologne Agile in a Year (full talk)
2010, October 12th GearConf   Git and Subversion in Parallel
2010, September 6th  JUG Cologne  Agile in a Year in 5 minutes  
2010, August 21st FrSOcon   Agile in a Year 
2010 Internal  Distributed SCM (Git and Mercurial) 
2010 Internal Google Guava 
2009 Internal Enterprise Maven Infrastructure
2009 Internal Scrum
2008, September JavaZone How I learned to love and hate Web Testing 
2007 Smidig Fra User Stories til Automatiske Tester