I've got a MSc degree in computer science from the University of Oslo, and I've been professionally developing Java applications since 2004, later on moving towards infrastructure and then coaching. I worked in Oslo/Norway for a few years, and moved to Bonn/Germany in January 2009 where I now work as team coach and organizational developer at eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus.

I'm passionate about software development, and a big fan of DevOps, lean, agile methods and systems thinking. I have experience with a wide range of open-source projects and development tools, especially in Java-land.

Taking care of code quality and infrastructure is something I end up doing in every project. I'm also attentive to how teams work together, and I often push agile practices to this end. I dig test-driven development, pair-programming, whiteboards and everything that just makes sense for humans working together. In the last years I've worked in distributed teams, already years before COVID-19, so I have learned and found new ways to practice these ways of working.

Also on the micro-level I like to improve: I dig into the tools I have at my disposal and learn to use them to the fullest. I'm obsessed with keyboard shortcuts, I prefer command-line over clicking around with mouse, and I'll hack away in any scripting language, whether I know it or not, in order to automate repetitive tasks.

I'm a big fan of developer communities across companies, and I contribute by blogging and giving presentations at local meetups and conferences.

I initiated the Bonn Agile/XP Meetup early 2011. In early 2013, I created GitMinutes, a podcast for proficient Git users.

In more recent years, I've become a parent, and combined with increased responsibilities at work, there's been less time for publicly visible contributions. During this time, a lot of my community energy has been focused on company-internal communities of practice and knowledge sharing there.